Definition of Done - Major update

Definition of Done for Jira

A major update for Definition of Done for Jira.

We have re-written Definition of Done to take advantage of Atlassian new UI features and allow your users to show which criteria within a definition of done are complete.


Instead of a static list of bullet points set by the project, DoD now allows your users to confirm which items are complete against each issue. alt text


Each issue will show remaining criteria left to compelte, this "glance" will show the remaining items or state "Complete". alt text

DoD - Detail

We have included the detail view in this new version, which allows your users to also see the Descrption for the item. alt text

DoD - Configure

You can make chances to your DoD criteria via the Project side menu. Add, update and remove as needed and your changes are automatically saved. Within this config page, you can also choose to turn-off the display checkboxes option. alt text

DoD - Bullet

Within the config settings if you have chosen to turn-off the display checkboxes option, your issues will display a bullet list instead of a checkbox list. alt text

Technical Details

Data Storage

Both the project settings (config) and issue details (for storing completed items and glance totals) are stored as Entity properties against your project/issue in Jira. Deleting your project or issue will remove the relevant Entity properties. Definition of Done does not host or store any data.

Changing Project DoD (Config)

When changing your DoD in the project settings, please remember that each criteria item contains a unique key, so removing will remove this from all issues. In a similar way, updating an items name and desc to something different should be used with caution. If some issues have already been marked as completed for this item, then they will remain completed after the rename, even if the context is vastly different.

Glance updates

When changing your DoD criteria, you Glance totals for each issue may be incorrect, until refreshed. The app needs to read the new project config to know the updated DoD list.

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