Definition of Done - April 2021 update

Definition of Done - Major update (April 2021)

Welcome to the April 2021 update for Definition of Done. We are excited to bring you 2 new features.

Import a DoD from another project

You can now import criteria from another project in your Jira instance. Simply hit the import button on your project's DoD config page, select the other project and confirm the import.

From here you can then re-order or amend, saving the need to copy/paste between projects.

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alt text

Global Definition of Done

We have added a dedicated menu for configuring a Global Definition of Done, which can be used by all projects.

Access this via the Apps menu and configure your global criteria. Every project will then have these additional items of their DoD.

Want to clearly see which items are global? Then simply change a project's DoD config and tick the option to Show which items are Global on each issue.

Want to ommit the global DoD from a project? Then tick the Do not use the Global DoD for this project option in the project's DoD config.

alt text
alt text
alt text
alt text

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