Definition of Done - April 2020 update

Definition of Done - Major update (April 2020)

Welcome to the April 2020 update for Definition of Done. We are excited to bring you 3 new features.

Configure where you display your Definition of Done

You can now choose between displaying your DoD in either the issue side panel or in your main issue view. You can even use both if you wish.

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alt text

JQL Search

It is now possible to check the remaining Definition of Done criteria using a JQL search. The remianingDoDCriteria field is now an option in the Advanced search and can be used as required.

alt text
alt text

Please note this new field will be populated after the update is installed and issues are viewed/updated.

Workflow validation

Do you want to prevent your story or task being completed before users have completed the Definition of Done? Well now you can!

We have added a dedicated workflow validation step, which you can add to any relevant workflows in your project.

Once in place any issues moved to Done (or wherever you place the validation), without the DoD complete, will get this prompt.

alt text
alt text
alt text

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